Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
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School Council

School Council members meet on the first Friday of every month.  In our meetings so far, we have learnt more about the UK Parliament and how our School Council is similar because our councillors represent their classes, they listen to their ideas and bring them to meetings.  We also learnt how Parliament began in the UK, the meaning and importance of democracy, and why we need rules and laws.

In addition, the School Councillors created a questionnaire to ask all the pupils.  In the questionnaire, were questions such as: "What resources would you like to see in the Library?" and "What could make school better for you?"  Then they used the school iPads to go around at lunch times and ask the pupils for their opinions.  We will use the results of the questionnaire to inform decisions around playtime, uniform and the Library!

In the future, we will be having debates, sharing issues brought up by classes and doing what we can to improve the school.