Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
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School Uniform


Red polo t-shirt (Sacred Heart School logo optional)

Navy sweatshirt with Sacred Heart School logo

Navy, knee length tunic/skirt or grey formal trousers (NO leggings)

Navy/white/grey/black plain socks or red/navy tights

Sensible Black shoes (NO BOOTS) - Toes & Heels covered.  Heel no higher than 1"/3cm


Red polo t-shirt (Sacred Heart School logo optional)

Navy sweatshirt/cardigan with Sacred Heart School logo

Grey formal trousers/shorts/culottes or Blue striped/checked dress

White/grey/black plain socks

Sensible Black shoes (No boots or open-toed shoes).  Heel no higher than 1”/3cm)


Following consultation with the children, the staff and the Governors, the PE kit will be changing after Easter. In future, all children should wear the following on their PE days:

  • Normal red school polo-neck T-shirt
  • Normal school sweatshirt
  • Plain navy blue jogging bottoms or shorts. (weather dependant)
  • Normal school shoes

Please make sure that your child has a small bag in school with a pair of named plain white / black trainers that can be used whenever required.

By changing this policy, children will only have to change their shoes for PE which will reduce changing time and mean that more time can be spent engaging with PE.

All items MUST be clearly marked with your child’s name


Reception Class

Tuesday & Friday

Year 1

Monday & Wednesday

Year 2

Tuesday & Friday

Year 3

Monday & Friday

Year 4

Monday & Wednesday

Year 5 Parrots

Thursday & Friday

Year 5 Woodpeckers

Wednesday & Thursday

Year 6 

Monday & Wednesday

 Purchasing School Uniform

Sweatshirts and other items of uniform are available from SuperStitch, 7 Castleham Road, Castleham Industrial Estate, St. Leonards-on-Sea 01424 852225 ( 

All items except the school sweatshirts/cardigans are available from most supermarkets.  We also have second-hand items (donated by parents whose children have outgrown or left the school).  All items are £2.00, which goes into the School Funds.  Please enquire at the school office.


If your child is likely to have an 'accident' - please send in a named drawstring bag with: Spare knickers/pants, complete change of uniform & suitable wet wipes. 

Mobile Phones/ Personal Devices

Pupils who travel to school without an adult may bring a mobile phone to school.  These must be switched off and left in the school office at the start of the day and  collected at home time.  Personal devices, e.g. Smart Watches are not permitted in school.


Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school.  Long hair must be tied back with fringes clipped away from eyes.

Other items/ Accessories

 NO jewellery is permitted except for plain stud earrings.  Pupils in KS2 may wear a simple wristwatch - Smart watches are NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Make-up, including nail varnish, MUST NOT be worn in school.  

We reserve the right to forbid items of clothing, accessories and footwear, which are unacceptably dangerous in school or are against the interests of the children at large.  Similarly, extremes of styles are not acceptable.  If deemed appropriate by school staff, items will be confiscated and kept in the school office for parents to collect.